Stung by Social Media?

No, not another email or Facebook bankruptcy announcement, as has been common recently, but an interesting use of social media…

While looking for a used bicycle on Craigslist, I saw this posting:

Here’s the text:

Penny Farthing It’s almost a unicycle! This will certainly turn a few heads. Most penny farthings don’t have pneumatic tyres, but mine does! This makes a great difference to handling and ride.

It combines vintage styling with modern technology. The pneumatic 36″ (91cm) front tire and 12″ rear wheel, provide a comfortable ride in nostalgic style. Has a small step on the rear of the frame to help mounting. Front and rear brakes.
Super bike. $200 takes it.

I’ll be in the Kensington market area late Sunday afternoon (July 29) and am happy to meet you if you want to buy the bike. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not ask me to bring the bike downtown if you are not serious about buying it.
PLEASE include a phone number when replying so it will be easy to arrange to meet.

(Note: There’s no bike like this for sale but I’m glad it got your attention. I will be in the market with my girlfriend POLICE OFFICER Emily from 52 Division on Sunday. We will be there for her to ARREST that lousy bike thief who’ll also be there after peddling his ill gotten gains on Craigslist (excuse the pun!). Don’t buy from people who only post cell phone numbers or arrange anonymous meetings in public places. Thanks!)

Emphasis my own – I hope they catch the thieving little git.


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One Response to Stung by Social Media?

  1. Kathleen says:

    What? I’m glad I read until the end, that’s awesome! I might have waited to post it until after the meeting to avoid the chance the thief would see it, but hopefully lots of people were warned away from buying from this guy (or maybe these guys).

    My friend’s bike bumper sticker used to read, “death penalty for bike thieves” but he had to removed it when he began working for Amnesty International…

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