Online Marketing Courses in Toronto. Or Hawaii.

I need your help.

In order to become a better “Senior Consultant, Internet Communications”, I need to take a course on online marketing.

I’ve been looking at the Canadian Marketing Association’s e-Marketing Certificate, taught by the inimitable Michael Seaton but my boss and I are thinking it’s a little too broad. I need more depth dammit!

I’d like to focus on the following disciplines:

  • writing for the Web
  • writing optimized web copy
  • email marketing
  • analytics
  • search engine marketing
  • online advertising

Arrogantly enough, I don’t think I need too much coaching on social media, blogs, podcasts, RSS and those new, fun things – I’d rather focus on “Web 1.0” and get a really good grounding for all things Web. Walk before you run and all that…

Oh, and at the end of it, I’d really love a nice certificate to show off in my office.

It’d be far easier for me to convince the boss to send me on a course in or around Toronto or Ottawa (where iStudio’s two offices are) but if you know of a great course in, say, Hawaii or the Maldives, I’d definitely propose it to her.

So, if you were (or are) a Toronto based Internet marketer looking for a focused piece professional development training, what course would you do?

If you were hiring for a position like mine, what qualifications would you be looking for?

If you were a client, what qualifications would you look for in your account staff? (If someone can say “MBA” here, I’ll pass it on and see if iStudio/Omnicom can pay for it)

For what it’s worth, I’m still open to the CMA course if you guys can convince me it’s a great course with good value for money…

Answers in the comments section please.


One Response to Online Marketing Courses in Toronto. Or Hawaii.

  1. Stuart Stark says:

    Hello. I stumbled upon your blog by searching “internet marketing courses toronto”. Im sure that wasnt your purpose, but good job anyway 🙂 I’m an e-marketer in Toronto and am looking inot the same type of courses. If I dont find anything else, Im going to do the CMA course in the winter. You have any luck? email me back.

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