Wisdom of the Crowd – Will www.myfootballclub.co.uk be a success?

Intriguing news from the homeland where a Web site has been set up to allow 50,000 fans to buy their own football club.

The site is accepting donations of 35 GBP, each of which will buy one share in a yet to be determined club. However, once all 50,000 shares have been sold, a club will be identified and lawyers will be instructed to complete the deal.

Should this audacious million pound deal go through, all 50,000 shareholders will be asked, via the Web site, to vote on every decision needed to run the club.


It’s easy for the crowds to make the big decisions but it’s the minutiae that will really make or break the club.

There’s undoubtedly a wealth of footballing knowledge and acumen within the shareholder base, but is there enough business sense to negotiate themselves out of inherited contracts, get the best deals for the fans and buy the right combination of players for the team.

What’ll be more interesting is who decides what issues are deemed important enough to put to the vote and which are hustled through on the quiet by the chairman, general manager or chief exec.

I think it comes down to the eternal question of not what choices we make, but whether we get to choose what choices we make – the exact same argument I put forward when covering Bum Rush The Charts and its brand of crowd sourcing.

(I think this is fatalism vs determinism but I’m not sure.)


2 Responses to Wisdom of the Crowd – Will www.myfootballclub.co.uk be a success?

  1. Judy Gombita says:

    Not sure how much crossover this involves with this WOTC football club, but at the mesh07 panel session on “Digital Sharecropping – Are You Taking Advantage of Your Users?,” Jeff Howe (the contributing editor at Wired Magazine who wrote the famous article/now working on the book on crowdsourcing) told us he’d pretty much concluded that crowds were great at vetting content/providing feedback on existing things, but much less reliable/viable at creating original content, making major decisions, etc.

    Unless you happened to attract a lot of savvy businesspeople/lawyers publicists/etc. in that particular “crowd,” of course, rather than just sports enthusiasts who wanted “a say” in things.

    And you haven’t indicated whether you’ll be forking out.

  2. Ed Lee says:

    I think I’ll be staying well out of the football club ownership racket until I make my billions and can buy Liverpool FC…

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