Crack Cocaine for Social Media Junkies

A few quick hits of Public Relations / Communications / Social Media related nonsense:

Ghost blogging is legitimate! The BBC say so! What’s more, you can earn some $700 (CDN) editing someone’s Facebook / LinkedIN / Myspace profile. Or writing someone’s blog. Eurgh, I feel dirty. Richard also saw this.

Ghost blogging may be on the way in, but leaving anonymous comments on the Interweb pumping your company’s stock price (and your own haircut) is still a big fat no-no, as Whole Foods CEO John Mackey found out.

Media training 101 – forget media training. My favourite footballer, Jamie Carragher made a shed load more fans when he phoned up a talk radio “shock jock” who accused him of being a bottler after Carragher retired from international football. He spoke from the heart and, while the offer to settle things like gentlemen may not be the best tactic for your client, he earned a lot of respect for his candor and passion.

…and finally, old client Weblo (remember this?) just raised another $3m in venture financing. Venturebeat calls it a “pyramid scheme” but I see it as a search engine play. Users create the most compelling profiles for key properties (California, Jenna Jameson etc) and then Weblo hopes it gets a high search engine ranking in Google etc. Once the traffic comes in, monetise away through contextual ads. Think Squidoo but with the ability to sell your profile or Mahalo with more user input.

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