The importance of copywriting in marketing

When I was in Calgary, I went to my favourite mens’ clothing store and picked out a couple of pieces.

One of which was a very cool Hugo Boss polo shirt and I was very happy with it. When I got back to our place in Toronto I started playing with it, looking at the detail and the label caught my eye.


This garment is from Hugo Boss.

We have devoted special care to make it.

We hope you are wearing it with passion and it will become one of you favourite piece of clothing!

Your satisfaction is our pleasure.

I still love this shirt, but I can’t help but feel some of the hundred and some dollars I paid for it could’ve gone into proofing the attached marketing.


4 Responses to The importance of copywriting in marketing

  1. David Jones says:

    It probably made perfect sense in German.

  2. Are you sure it was the genuine article? No offense to your store choice of store–I have a $5 polo shirt from China that is a “qualilte garment” according to the little book-tag attached to it.

  3. Ed Lee says:

    michael, good point which leads me to a cautionary tale for try-hards – i’m still getting over the emotional impact of being mercilessly bullied for wearing a tag heure at 13.

  4. It’s a never-ending battle over here in Germany, where people pride themselves on their excellent English–which means they rarely bother checking in with a native speaker.

    As a taxpayer here in Munich, I am dismayed at the money the city spends on signs and announcements that could drive a grown English speaker to tears.

    I was moved to write two mystery novels designed to help native speakers of German improve their English: Skyline-Syndikat and Tod im Grand Canyon. They’ve sold over a hundred thousand copies–but I still cringe every time I hear the “English” announcements on the metro.

    Best wishes to you!

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