Quick iPhone related thought

Reports that Apple sold more than 700,000 iPhones since last week are being dammed with slight praise. While most analysts published reports predicting sales in excess of 400,000, the rumour now is that some analysts actually expected sales to surpass 1,000,000 units.

With the iPhone working off of a 55 per cent profit margin, this comes out very nicely to a $230m profit for Apple (based on the $600 version and before associated costs).

Pretty sweet for Apple, but still some way to go before it hits the predicted 10m unit barrier – which, incidentally would mean some $3.3bn in profit (again, based on the $600 version and before associated costs).


One Response to Quick iPhone related thought

  1. chet says:

    ed – i’m sitting in a cafe in soho with my iphone on the table, riding a wifi connection and powering through my google reader. Absolutly amazing device. I expect great sales momentum, since it seems that nearly everyone who held off at launch falls in love at first sight and decides they need it. Incredible word of mouth effect right now.

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