Transparency is essential for Public Relations in the Social Media space

A timely reminder, if one is needed, of the paramount importance of full transparency and disclosure in the social media space in particular and marketing in general.

I found this little doozy while checking out the Transformers trailers:

It’s a very cool little vignette for Altoids as they look to activate their tie-in with one the most anticipated geek movies of the year. But I can’t help but think that “insiderinfo360” detracted from the experience by trying to pretend they were just another member of the community.

Clearly this is a video seeding by an ad/PR/marketing agency and the comments below the video seem to suggest this was worked out pretty quickly. Why not just come clean from the off and let the attention of the viewers focus on the video, not who posted it? Transparency would have enhanced, not detracted from, the consumer’s experience.

As one commenter says:

That video is rad, but sort of convenient that you joined the same day you’re posting ‘secret footage’. Video’s cool regardless though.

My thoughts are similar.

A lame seeding of a very cool video.


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