Toronto adds third landmark – ROM Crystal.

Colour me impressed.

Torontoist has the first inside images of the fabulous new building just a stone’s throw from my office. The Royal Ontario Museum has commissioned a building that is breathtakingly beautiful and staggeringly remarkable.

If Seth Godin were an architect, this is the sort of purple cow he’d produce.

I’m loving the Toronto architecture right now and in particular these three buildings:

CN Tower. Dominates the Toronto cityscape. Not quite the Petronas Twin Towers back in BMBY’s indigenous Malaysia but still very cool.

OCAD. WTF? I’ve no way to describe this building but I make sure I stop every time I walk past. Designed by a Brit as well.

ROM Crystal. Magical. Love the dychotomy between the old ROM and the new wing; love the glass and steel forged with century old brick work.


3 Responses to Toronto adds third landmark – ROM Crystal.

  1. Judy Gombita says:

    Ed, during Thursday morning’s keynote sessions at mesh, I had the pleasure of sitting in front of Robert Ouellette, who is a multiple-sites/prolific blogger as well as the architecture critic for the National Post. Just before Jim Buckmaster (CEO of Craiglist) was interviewed, Robert gave us a preview look on his laptop of the recent construction shots he took of (Canadian-born) Frank Gehry’s addition to the AGO. They are now posted here:

    The AGO is, of course, right next door to Alsop’s OCAD addition (which I adore, particularly at night). Maybe it will make your list down the road as the fourth landmark.

  2. Judy Gombita says:

    Oh…and the Toronto buildings that has drawn rave reviews from the international world of architecture and design since it’s opening last summer is the Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building at the University of Toronto:

    (The first building in Canada designed by Brit Sir Norman Foster.)

    I’ve had a personal tour (top to bottom) and it’s the interior spaces and vistas that are the most spectacular–particularly the top-floor-north-east corner view of Queen’s Park, which must be the very best one in Toronto of parliament–although Foster’s “hanging pods” lit up at night (with the colours changing every few minutes) are certainly a welcome addition to the University Avenue drive-by scene.

  3. harvey nagelberg says:

    I,m not an architect nor an artist. However, I feel compelled to share my disappointment re the ROMcrytals. Clad in mostly aluminum siding , they have a crytalline shape but not a crystal brightness or clarity. Perhaps there were practical reasons for this. However, as I drove by during construction the beams seemed to hold promise for something far more spectacular.

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