I’ve been meshed

…and it didn’t hurt a bit.

I’m really feeling the web bug right now. After listening to mesh conference co-founders Mat, Rob, Mike, Stuart and Mark waxing lyrical at tonight’s Third Tuesday Toronto (kindly sponsored by CNW Group) I’m more energized than ever about technology and the Internet.

I want to drop everything and take an idea through development, turn it into a concrete product and make my billions on exit.

Thinking about it some more, I should probably have that idea first.

All this talk of start-ups, demo camp, bar camp, case camp, start-up camp, VCs, angel, series A, series B, term sheets, pre-/post-valuations, of exits and of spectacular failures has really jazzed me up. I want to find a programmer, chat, think and ruminate for days and come with a game changing, paraidgm shifting, world’s leading widget. Again, an idea would be nice as well at this point.

It’s an exciting time to be involved with these here interwebs and there’s plenty of energy to focus on my iStudio clients and the broader FH family.

However, if I won the $30m lotto 6/49 draw tomorrow night, I’d probably start playing as a VC tomorrow and plunge a huge whack into Canadian tech start-ups.

Who’s with me?

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2 Responses to I’ve been meshed

  1. Eden Spodek says:

    I had the same thought about lotto 6/49 just the other day.

    Last year, I felt very inspired after mesh. A year has passed and I’ve gone from someone familiar with web 2.0 to someone who has actively embraced social media and other new technologies. I’m eagerly anticipating how I’ll be inspired this time around.

    Nice seeing you at Third Tuesday. See you at mesh.


  2. Jackie says:

    I’m in.. if you share your winnings with me šŸ™‚

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