Toronto Public Relations Industry

There are so many bloggers blogging about PR and marketing in the GTA that it’s sometimes easy to forget that most of the uber-talented PRs don’t put virtual pen to digital paper and put their thoughts out there for all to read.

Thankfully, many of these guys will be doling out pearls of wisdom at a high profile event this week – the CPRS 360: All things connected event.

Chris Clarke has wisely posted the invitation on Student PR (at work) which goes into all the important stuff.

I’ll just add a few thoughts.

It’s great that the up and coming PR stars, such as my former colleague Jodi Salem, are being given as much of the limelight as their bosses, such as Blair Peberdy.

It’s all too easy to look up to the people controlling our careers and forget that they had to work awfully hard to get where they got. With that in mind, student will do well do get the thoughts of people on the ground floor of their careers, as well as those who have established themsleves.

I’m looking forward to a great discussion from some very intelligent, forward thinking industry leaders.

Sign up below and be sure to “hi” on Thursday May 17.

Sign up to 360: All things connected.

And with the theme of hard work at the front of mind, here’s a cartoon by Hugh MacLeod from Seth Godin’s latest book, The Dip.

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  1. Elena Yunusov says:

    Hi Ed,

    Will see you there.

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