Random marketing thoughts

One of the most common criticisms levelled at marketers is that they have no idea how real people think or how they’ll react to the various marketing initiatives we put out there.

In a thoroughly scientific study, Cracked took a look in the mind of your client’s audience. The best results include:

“I prefer the product with the attractive salespeople.”

“I can only afford $74.99 on a new pair of old looking blue jeans; $75 is just too much.”

“I can only afford $74.99 on a new pair of old looking blue jeans; $75 is just too much.”

“Yes, I have been injured recently. And, no, I hadn’t considered litigation until this trustworthy family man suggested it.” (this only really makes sense if you’ve seen an ad from “Jim Adler, the Texas Hammer“!)

“With that many explosions, how could the movie not be good?”

“I will enjoy your inexpensive, highly potent alcohol responsibly.”

One advert that I really do like is the below ad from Gatorade (an FH client), in the U.S., that shows a 39 year old Jordan going 1-on-1 with a 23 year old Jordan. Fantastic use of CGI special effects! Now only if they could have a 19 year old Ed Lee take on the present day version in footy…

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2 Responses to Random marketing thoughts

  1. Doug Haslam says:

    They could have 19 yo Ken Griffey Jr pushing 37 yo Junior in a wheelchair– sorry Reds fans I’m punchy today and couldn’t resist

  2. Ed Lee says:

    I have no idea what that means…

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