Are you cut out to run a successful blog?

There’s an interesting event going down in downtown Toronto this evening. While my (recently promoted) colleagues Brandy and Sabita will be hopefully picking up great big trophies at the CPRS ACE awards, I’ll be at The NewPath Goup‘s panel discussion: Blogging for Fun and Profit (registration – a paltry $10).

It should be an interesting discussion with my podcasting client, Mark Evans, podcasting queen Leesa Barnes and Mark Kuznicki being moderated by NewPath Founder Alex Sirota. Oh, and I’ll try to hold my own as I make my speaking debut.

Here’s the blurb on what we’ll be chatting about:

“Is my business or am I cut out to run a successful blog?” To get at that question we’d like to investigate a few topics.

  • Why blog?
  • What should I blog about? My business? What’s the difference between a personal and a business-y blog?
  • Finding time to blog – when, what approach
  • The value for Small Businesses and for your Customers
  • How non profit organizations & SE’s can generate buzz, interest and donor participation through blogging
  • Tech Talk

Without going into too much detail, I’ll be saying that while blogs are awesome, it’s OK to not blog. Your activity in the online space should be determined, not by what you read is the latest fad, but by where your audience and target market lies. Blogging may be passe for some consumers and it could be too advanced and confusing for other. It all depends where they are on the Participation Ladder.

More on this very cool report from Forrester, later.

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