Thursday YouTube Playlist

I know it’s not a Friday but I bet many of you are winding down for a nice three or even four (lucky devils) weekend. So I present to you my usual Friday-when-I’m-not-too-busy feature, the YouTube playlist.

Alanis Morissette – My Humps

Haven’t heard this cover version? Check it out along with a pretty funny video.

Tweet – Oops (Oh My)

Some sourthern fried R&B that I listened to a lot at university.

Alient Ant Farm – Movies

Another university favourite that has been getting some good play on my iPod recently.

Ma$e – Feels So Good

This one dates way back to the summer I was backpacking around Europe with two of my best friends. Good times.

Eric Prydz – Call On Me

Very saucy video and a banging house track.

Nas – Hate Me Now

One of my favourite Hip-Hop tunes although I appreciate the video could be a little contraversial for Easter/Passover. This one got a lot of play on the Europe trip. On a Minidisc no less. Remember those?

Goldie Looking’ Chain – Guns Don’t Kill People

…rappers do. The kings of the welsh Hip-Hop scene lay down a smoking tune that’ll have you bouncing at your desk.


2 Responses to Thursday YouTube Playlist

  1. Parker says:


    Great playlist. How do you chose these things?

    If only Mase, Prydz, and GLC would team up for a track.

  2. Ed Lee says:

    I actually had to leave out my favourite track ever – A.I.M.’s Ain’t Got Time to Waste as I couldn’t find the video…

    Glad you enjoyed it – I just look through my recently played list on iTunes and either pick them or use them for inspiration.


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