Two GREAT Marketing Podcasts

I know they have their knockers but marketing podcasts are a great benefit to the community. Here are a couple of new episodes that I’ve listened to a couple of times each.

The Client Side

Michael Seaton chats with Shel Holtz about why he thinks Google’s days are numbered. Just as a side note, I’m pretty sure Flickr was bought by Yahoo!, not Google…

He also covers Bum Rush the Charts with some input from yours truly. I was honoured to be asked back and it looks as if I’ll be a regular contributer to The Client Side.

Forward Podcast

My friend Paull Young (the thief), along with a slew of other social media initiatives and getting hired in New York, runs a fantastic resource for aspiring and entry level public relations professionals called the Forward Podcast. He recently interviewed my colleagues David Bradfield and Chet Gulland during his stay in New York. Last week he also interviewed Spin Doctor Dave and myself on ways to differentiate yourself as an entry level agency hire.

My advice? Use your energy, enthusiasm and blank slate to your advantage. Harrass your bosses with great ideas and take what work you are given as a starting point, not an end goal.

Take a listen and let the podcasters know what you think.

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