Social Media/Public Relations Hire

Congratulations to both Converseon and Paull Young on what should be a fantastic new hire. Paull joins Converson in New York as a Senior Account Exec (Social Media News Release here) with immediate effect although his cheery face and insufferable accent will remain in Australia until May when he’ll be terrorising the New Yorkers.

Paull’s  social media world tour, enthusiasm and talent clearly show that with the right motivation, nothing should stand in your way of getting exactly the right job for you.

I’m looking forward to reading about Paull putting into practice all the things that he’s so passionate about for his clients. I’m also looking forward to the first time he makes it onto this blog

This is probably an opportune moment to remind all you Canadian readers that FH is looking for a Senior Consultant for the Marcom practice and to prime you students for an upcoming position in the iStudio Internet Communications consulting team. As always, email me with your resume’s/links etc for a chance to win me a referral bonus.

Stay tuned!


One Response to Social Media/Public Relations Hire

  1. Paull Young says:

    Thanks for the post and the kind words Ed.

    Well… mainly kind words… I’m pretty sure that my accent is streets ahead of some odd Pommy/Canuck hybrid… 😉

    It’s probably not surprising to hear that I’m bursting with enthusiasm and excitement about both the impending move and the work I’ll be doing.

    I’m looking forward to you coming down to NYC for a visit mate!

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