CB picks a window; now blogging

The UK answer to Mitch Joel, Weber Shandwick’s UK CEO, Colin “CB” Byrne, has joined the anorak wearing, trainspotting, pontificating, rabble (who are in “need of a good night out in Manchester and a bottle of Jack Daniels”) of the flackosphere.

The “hippy in a suit” is blogging over at the very nicely titled “Byrne Baby Byrne” (Blogging Me Blogging You was taken) about his experiences running WS UK, as a political spin doctor, influential Brit (as defined by GQ) and failed music journalist.

When I was interning at GolinHarris, Colin was kind enough to interview me for a job I didn’t get and then recommend to the public affairs division. That internship kept me hanging around the building long enough for Zoe Arden and the late Lynne Thomas to hire me and kept me out of the insurance/management consultancy/i-banking fields so if he meets my girlfriend, he has a lot to answer for.

He’s a very smart, very funny guy with some out of this world experience. I’d strongly suggest you follow Jonny and James’ recommendations and subscribe to his feed.

2 Responses to CB picks a window; now blogging

  1. Mitch Joel says:

    Is it the bald head or the witty reparte?

  2. Ed Lee says:

    Bald head? Check.
    Former music journo? Check.
    Runs a “marketing” agency? Check.
    Witty reptarte? Sorry Mitch, that’s just CB…
    (I think That 70s Show would call that a BYRNE!)


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