Thursday Questions

I’m feeling a little existential today so here’s a stream of consiousness of what I’m asking people around the office. Feel free to chime in in the comments.

Are Take That really about to have another UK number one “hit”?

What will the Liverpool vs. Man. Utd. result be on Saturday? Should I wake up at 7:30 or stay in bed?

It’s not the despair that kills me, it’s the hope.

**UPDATE** Liverpool lost 1-0 after completely dominating the match and having enough chances to win three games. I’m angry but if it means we go through on Tuesday against Barcelona, I’ll take my medicine and shut up…

**UPDATE 2** Liverpool lost 1-0 after completely dominating the match and having enough chances to win three games. I’m over the moon as we went through against Barcelon thanks to a truly fantastic effort in the first leg (2-1 away from home) that meant even a 1-0 loss meant we went through on the “away goals count double” rule.  Suddenly Saturday’s loss doesn’t seem that bad…

Is it true that for every 1% of broadband growth, newspaper circulation drops 0.2%? I read it in Popbitch so it must be true.

What’s the right way to use a note book?

I just got a new Moleskin and want to get off on the right foot. Do you take notes throughout and then transfer the actions to the back? Do you keep your action items on one page and actions you’ve delegated (up, down or sideways) on another? Or do you mix up notes, actions and doodles like some sort of pot pourri? Enquiring minds want to know.

Is the most effective thing you can do the most unexpected?

Playing football last night I saw people did better when they did the things that weren’t expected of them – defenders attacking and attackers dropping back. If you’re a defensive worker (responding to requests) should you go on a charge and start leading your team? If you’re a forged-in-the-fire type leader, why not take a step back and see what your team’s capable of. You may be surprised.

What’s the best way to use a wiki in a corporate sense?

I don’t think they’re any good for short, intense bursts of collaboration such as crisis messaging or for huge groups. Multiple people will be making simultaneous changes which can screw the document up. However, I can see wiki’s being really good for long-slow burn type of projects where everyone has ownership of a specific part – team to do lists, proposals, editorial calendars


6 Responses to Thursday Questions

  1. Ben says:

    I’m in a volunteer position with a nonprofit literary journal that is beginning to take the reigns on a whole new set of communication tools. In our case, we are developing a wiki website to provide all staff and board members with the ability to submit plans for review, letters for editing, and minutes and general updates for distribution. Once up and running, it should take the strain off of our web developer and internal communications team while upping the efficiency and timeliness of team and project updates.

  2. Adam Zand says:

    No sympathies expected but I’ll be in Palm Desert on Saturday. As such a 4:30 a.m. kickoff versus Scum is probably not in the cards. However, is providing free e-Season Tickets for a few weeks. This will greatly help my enjoyment as we hopefully boot Barcelona out of the Champions League on Tuesaday (I’ll be schduling a lunch meeting in my hotel room for ESPN 2).
    You’ll never walk alone,
    P.S. You need to attend a match at the Phoenix Landing in Cambridge MA – the best Liverpool bar in the States. Shoot me an email or call 781-404-2406 if you can attend our end of year party on May 5.

  3. Jackie says:

    Take That — but without Robbie Williams are about to have another #1 hit? Is that even possible? Ok, I just added more questions to the fire…

    First off I love my moleskins (I have two). I tend to just scribble as ideas come to mind without any rhyme or reason as to placement (front or back as you noted). Takes a little time to find stuff I guess, but if I had to think about positioning before I write, then that would ruin my thought process. 🙂

  4. Leona Hobbs says:

    I’m off Moleskines. The spine of my last one cracked and looks nasty. I expect more from “the legendary notebook of Hemingway, Picasso, Chatwin.”

    I’m not into hacking notebooks into mini GTD systems. I just write stuff down, put stars beside action items, and cross off calls I’ve returned, etc.

  5. The new Take That phenomenon here is great – the guys appear to be having fun and it is brilliant to see the aging process making them rougher around the edges. This time round seemed to emerge rather than being hyped and the music works – probably better without rehab Robbie.

    All football is about hope and not knowing if you will be elated or depressed. For real fans, there is a strange stoicism in the pain of defeat – since only one team ends at the top of any league, that has to be the case. Maybe that’s where your delight at the unexpected comes in too.

    I use my mini-Moleskin sparingly for things I want to refer back to – and it makes me more concise in taking notes as I’m not sure I would justify the cost of buying another. (I don’t do action lists)

    I was discussing wikis with a student on Monday who had to work on one as a collaborative assignment for her PR degree. Personally I feel that like mindmaps there needs to be some clear thought over the structure if they are to be helpful. And, yes, when all the students made simultaneous changes on the deadline day, the system crashed.

    Still as we all know, the odd cock-up is all part of life’s rich tapestry.

  6. Sheri says:

    re: notebooks

    I put stars beside action items in meetings. If I can’t get to them for a few days, i’ll put a small post-it flag on the page so i know there’s to-do’s i need to address. Once they’re done (or transferred to a to-do list) i remove the post-it and scratch out the star.

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