Where’s Ed?

If you’ve missed my usual daily postings or every-other-day postings, it’s because I’ve been writing in a couple of other places and cross-posting is something I’m not too fond of.

My iStudio colleagues and I are on a mission to get our corporate blog into the top 100,000 (as ranked by Technorati) so I’ll be posting there every other Monday. BMBY will always where I post my thoughts on whatever takes my fancy, but the corporate blog takes a little more thought and research.

Check out my latest post on how iStudio can help your organization start a podcast or subscribe to our feed here.

The other place I’m writing is the Blog Herald. Chris Clarke and I contribute bi-weekly columns on guess what? Public Relations. My last post was on the changing face of PR and you can subscribe to the Blog Herald feed here.

I’ve also been playing around with YouTube vodcasts – check out my Friday playlist.


2 Responses to Where’s Ed?

  1. maggie fox says:

    Ed – surely you mean the top 10,000???

  2. Ed Lee says:

    sorry to disappoint – we’re only 250,000 right now….
    linkers, start your linking!


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