SAS blogging the Six Nations

Getting in early to catch a head start on the week, I received an email from one of my favourite clients, Sheila Parry at SAS UK, letting me about a great new initiative from her team around the Six Nations.

SAS is  business intelligence company who’s predictive analytics give thousands of companies, and most of the Fortune 500, insight into their business. Very cool stuff with some extremely cool applications. Check out their site for more details.

It seems that SAS is an official partner with the Six Nations, Europe’s annual international Rugby Union tournament, and has a very nice microsite to support the sponsorship.

There’s a flash game (which I just can’t win – guess I need some more SAS insight), links to content on the official Six Nations site, relevant case studies and…a blog!

Former England and British Lions player Martin Bayfield is writing it himself and doing a great job! As a player turned journalist (and film star – he body doubles for Hagrid in the Harry Potter films) he’s giving some great insight into the games – although he’s neglected to provide the odds for the book he proposes in this post!

The blog itself seems to be on a Typepad platform, has all the bells and whistles like comments and trackbacks and a multitude of RSS feeds. It’s SAS’ first ever external facing blog, although I can see from my analytics that they are experimenting with internal blogs. Check it out and give it some love so SAS can enter the blogging world proper.

It’s great to see a more consumer focused initiative like this from what is a very enterprise oriented company. I’ve long thought that the future of PR is as a content provider – something this really emphasises. It’s easy to imagine an IT manager spending a few hours on the site, playing the game and getting a much deeper understanding of what SAS does and can do for his company.


Rumour has it the team turned down another former player who wanted the blog to be completely ghost written. Kudos to SAS for choosing someone who would write the blog themselves.

**UPDATE** Martin Bayfield is clearly monitoring the comments section and responded to a comment I left on his analysis of the England game. Great for him, engaging with his readers and great for SAS for encouraging him to do so.  SAS/Ed Lee love-in complete!


3 Responses to SAS blogging the Six Nations

  1. Bryan Person says:

    Thanks for the pointer, Ed. I can’t beat the game, either. I even made the Poms my opponent, so I thought it would be a shoe-in. Actually, I think the game makers have to make the play a little easier. For example, why when I’m tackled halfway down the field do I have to start all the way back the beginning?

    I understand the Six Nations tourney doesn’t include Southern Hemisphere teams, but I’d sure like to play as Australia or New Zealand.

    By the way, I’ve always been a big fan of the haka:

  2. Ed Lee says:

    Apparently the English will be a lot harder to beat tis year…

    On a point of Inside PRoper English – it’s shoo-in, not shoe-in.


  3. Bryan Person says:

    Oh, goodness. Quite a slip there.

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