Paull Young steals

…the hearts and minds of Toronto bloggers. London watch out, he’s coming to you next as part of his world tour of social media.

Aussie blogger Paull Young was in the self styled “centre-of-the-universe” last week and, judging by the comments in his post, was more than warmly received.

As he says, the Toronto social media scene is certainly extremely vibrant right now but there’s someone missing. You.

If you’re a marketer in Toronto and are interested in this new form of communication that everyone’s going on about (if you’re reading this you probably are), there’s a number of things you can do right now –

Get informed. What are the people in your industry doing? What sort of discussions are happening? There are some smart people talking about issues that affect your professional life right now and you should probably know about them. You can use Google Blog Search, Technorati and a whole slew of free monitoring tools to seek those conversations out.

Get immersed. Download the very cool Canuck PR Tool Bar developed by Martin Hoffman at iStudio and FH sister agency, High Road Communications. On the ‘bar, you’ll find some of Canada’s best marketing/media bloggers and podcasts. The list get’s updated every now and then but more importantly, the bloggers have made (and learnt from) the mistakes so you won’t have to.

Get interactive. Come to our meet up, Third Tuesday, which is usually on or around the Third Tuesday of each month. The “steering committee” is working hard to come up with more good speakers and ideas for discussions. Sign up for updates here.

If being preached to isn’t your thing and you want to “chat it out”, you could get in touch with Lisa Walker or Mitch Joel for an invitation to Throng or a Geek Dinner (of which there was one last night).

Get involved. Once you’ve read a few blogs, listened to a few podcasts and chatted to some people in the know, you’ll probably have a few ideas of your own. If you’ve held back from commenting on certain issues, why not start now. If you’ve been leaving comments on others’ blogs, you’ll probably make a good blogger as well (…as long as you link to me!)

Get i-ddicted. Only a blogger knows the thrill of checking their stats, the rush of seeing a new comment and the elation of an incoming link! If you want to market in this space you should definitely get to know your audience as fully as possible.

So there you are. The 5i’s of how to get on the social media train. Whoo Whoo!

8 Responses to Paull Young steals

  1. Paull Young says:

    When I read your headline I thought you must have worked out where your television remote’s got to… Oh no! I’ve said too much!

  2. Paull Young says:

    Seriously though, great list and good points about how to get involved.

    After experiencing what Toronto’s got to offer (and considering the weather precludes any outside activities) I can’t believe any locals aren’t immersing themself in the social media scene!

  3. Ed Lee says:

    Seriously though, where’s that wad of cash that I left on the kitchen counter?


  4. Jackie says:

    Ed.. don’t forget us here in the States. Paull has definitely motivated me to become more involved in social media/PR and to actively seek out resources — including knowledgeable bloggers/professionals like you — and learn about the industry. He’s one of a kind. 🙂 Geez. I hope that wasn’t overly gushy.

    Enjoyed this post. Great advice to further immerse myself in all things communications related. 🙂

  5. Lisa Walker says:

    Hi Ed. Next Throng is February 27 at Paupers. Hope to see you and those of your readers who want to share their social media experiences and talk out the future.

  6. Geek is Chic a very well attended AIMS event in Toronto, our 5th Geek Dinner was a mad hit. By the way, people were referring to it as 4th geek dinner but according to my math it was indeed our 5th. If…

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