Welcome back, Jack

As a placeholder while I try and get my tiny little mind around some things at work and in the PR blogging community, here’s a celebration of all things Bauer.

Bauer beta tests a phone – 23.5 hrs of battery life? Check, damm it!

Four things the producers of 24 would have you believe – Dating tips from Jack Bauer ““Listen kid, the only reason that you’re still conscious is because I don’t feel like carrying you around.”

Things Bauer will never say – I want to be in charge of secret Santa this year

Devil whores of 24 – why not?

Hot lesbian terrorists – …on a plane? I sense 2007’s CGC winner

UPDATE – Jack Bauer ate a man. Best week ever’s 24 observations on 24. #22 is my favourite.

Video of Jack Bauer’s day off

Just to recap last night’s episodes – he bit someone’s throat out and spat it out like it was the wrong flavour chewing gum! He then kicked an exploding terrorist out of a moving subway car, all after recovering from 20 months of torture in a Chinese jail.

I’m addicted.

3 Responses to Welcome back, Jack

  1. […] Ed pointed to a Cracked magazine piece on the technical specifications needed for Jack Bauer’s phone, and I’m pretty sure Steve promised all those and more. […]

  2. Jackie says:

    A “24” fan? — I said I enjoyed your blog before, now I officially love it! 🙂

  3. Ed Lee says:

    I may be haivng to put my 24 addiction to one side as I’m playing football on monday nights now…

    Watch out for a major binge in December when the DVD set comes out!

    for my American readers who refuse to accept the inevitable: Football=Soccer. Canadians are clearly intelligent enough to call a spade a spade, not a blunt metal earth moving device as witnessed by the name of the new sports franchise – Toronto FC

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