Crack cocaine for social media junkies

It’s been a while since I did a link collection so here goes –

Third Monday Ottawa – man, I wish I could get to Ottawa and see this one. Colin, Ian, JT and Brendan are leading a discussion this coming monday. If you can, get over there, it’ll be a blast.

Third Tuesday Toronto – by way of compensation I’ll be at this social media and PR meet up this coming…Wednesday. As PRs we’re well used to bending over backwards for journalists and, it seems, ex-journalists.  b5media VP, former tech journo, serial entrepreneur and host of the podcast with the best show notes in the world, Mark Evans will be holding court and talking about the new web and what it should mean to PRs. One quick prediction, I’ll be the one who get’s embarrasingly drunk and has to be escorted out.

The Blog Herald lifts the curtain on celebrity PR – great post on the work done behind the scenes on behalf of celebrities and in particular sports stars. Whoever wrote this is clearly intelligent, articulate and…me.

Passive vs Active SEO – something I’ve been thinking about alot and finally had a few minutes to crank out a post about on the iStudio blog. “There’s a time to surf and there’s a time to wax your board”, is a great quote from an under appreciate British TV show called Game On. A definite fan favourite at school. 


One Response to Crack cocaine for social media junkies

  1. Eden Spodek says:

    The next Toronto CaseCamp was just announced – Jan. 23 in Toronto.

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