Desert Island Media

Jonny “The Loving” Rosemont, as well as being my neighbour for a year in university, is a UK PR with a great new job – working with James Warren at one of my old agencies,Weber Shandwick UK.

Big Jonny also has a cool post on the five print media he’d like to have delivered to him on a desert island – so cool I thought I’d give mine. Note that I’m assuming I’ll be able to get a subscription. One off copies would get (a little) frustrating

  1. The (London) Times
  2. FHM (UK edition) – The Times and FHM are a classic combo that pretty much any good public school boy on a long journey will instintively buy
  3. The Economist – my favourite periodical, soon to undergo a reimaging on the Web. Otherwise known as Project Redstripe
  4. The New Yorker – a recent find since I moved to Canada and something I look for in all good doctor’s offices
  5. Metro – London edition and my frequent companion on the commute from Wimbledon into work

It’s interesting that I struggled for that last one. I could’ve followed the fashion and gone for a cop-out and said “You” (being my bloglines account). I could’ve also gone for the Globe or The Toronto Star, both of which are excellent reads.

But in the end I settled on an old friend, something that’s helped me fight the boredom of an hour long train journey at 6:30 am every morning for more than 18 months, because isn’t that what we all do, we go with what we feel comfortable with?

I forwarded Seth’s post on “would your customers wear is as a T-shirt” post to Katherine Fletcher (my boss at iStudio), but i guess the bigger question should be “would they take you to a desert island”?


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