PR and Social Media

Chris Clarke’s comment on my last post got me thinking some more about this brave new communications era we’re, allegedly, moving into.

If people can’t work out how to work their VCRs, how can we expect them to go to the effort of:

  • finding out what an RSS feed is
  • how they can subscribe to one
  • finding out how to tell if a website crunches one out
  • finding a website they want to subscribe to
  • remembering all the above
  • subscribing to a feed
  • remembering how to check for new updates

Doesn’t the same also apply to social media?

As an agency guy, I’ve heard many of my seniors, both in the UK and here in Canada, bemoan how their latest client “doesn’t understand PR”. I’m sure that there are also many clients out there who believe their organisation doesn’t understand (or prioritise in the budget) PR.

What chance these guys going for black belt level PR when they can barely put on their white belts?

And just because social media get’s me excited, here’s a very excitable tune I’ve been listening to all day. Best dance track ever.

Feedreaders, click here to get some Members of Mayday action.

(does anyone know how to make videos work within feeds?)


4 Responses to PR and Social Media

  1. Yes, we need to educate our clients about social media.

    …then we can charge them for it!

  2. Ed Lee says:

    i think that’s a little mercenary!

  3. Agreed that finding, subscribing, and managing feeds can be a lot of effort for someone new to the scene. However, I do think RSS will continue to get more invisible as time goes on. I discovered my mom (who I use as a good mainstream barometer) is reading RSS feeds. But she doesn’t know she is. She uses email instead of a feed reader.

    Perhaps encouraging people to ‘subscribe’ is enough – I’m not sure the majority of people care about how they’re getting the information.

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