There were two things social media and marketing related that I noticed during my little break.  Well, three things.

First off, the Playstation 3 is ridiculously amazing. I’m putting it on the wedding registry list.

Secondly, anecdotal evidence that adverts don’t work.  We were discussing marketing and people’s favourite adverts when someone brought up the Best Buy advert “I want something that  makes him say AAAARRGHHH THAT’s EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED AAAARRRGH” but then three different people attributed it to three different companies, two competitors and Future Shop (a division of Best Buy).

Thirdly, the whole furore over IE7 having a built in RSS reader that will bring RSS into the mainstream is pure hyperbole.  Sorry guys.  My girlfriend’s uncle has been using it for a while and hadn’t even noticed it yet.  I set him up by subscribing him to the UFC’s feed (and the BMBY feed, naturally!) and I doubt he’s used it since.

I know after a hiatus from blogging you’re supposed to something like “I feel refreshed and invigorated” but in actual fact I feel like I’m rusty and practically starting again from scratch.  Not getting to sleep until 5am this morning probably didn’t help.


4 Responses to Reflections

  1. Chris Clarke says:

    I’m with you 100% on the IE thing. It seems that everyone believes it should have started working yesterday and blog subscribers should have gone through the roof. Um, people who can’t figure out how to program their VCR’s aren’t going to subscribe to feeds no matter how easy it is.

  2. My opinion is that putting feeds in IE7 is a major step forward for social media, but it’s going to take people a long time to figure out how it works. Not everyone has downloaded IE7 yet, and not everyone is going to want to use feeds anyway. So give people time to play about with it, and they’ll crack it.

  3. DougH says:

    I agree, Ed, on IE7– one thing is that RSS feeds are ghettoized, rather than integrated into the regular bookmarks (excuse me, “favorites”) view, as they are in Firefox. I instantly abandoned IE7 for that reason, and I can imagine non-RSS users blissfully ignoring that feature, because MSFT makes it easy to ignore. First this, then ignoring podcasts on the Zune. Not very forward-looking, at least from the standpoint of us social media types

  4. Ed Lee says:

    it took me a couple of goes to work out where the feed went and there’s still no easy notification once you’ve subscribed. my final verdict is reserved for the next iteration of IE7 (or even IE8). it does take time to get things just right – just ask anyone who’s had to proof my writing!

    so most people commenting on BMBY believe it’s a good step in the right direction but no-where near as big a step as some people have suggested.

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