Corporate Holiday Cards

**UPDATE** – The 2007 iteration of the iStudio Holiday Card is now here: iStudio Corporate Holiday Card 2007

Adrants was kind enough to cover it.

More iStudio Holiday Card 2007 coverage here.

Original post below


Adrants has a great round up of some pretty elaborate holiday cards that some agencies have created this year.

There are full length videos and even singing chipmunks (bah humbug) but as this year was the year of consumer generated content, iStudio has decided to leave the design to you.

The design and technical teams have been stealing minutes from important client work to come up with a great interactive Flash piece that allows you to create your very own holiday scene.

Here’s mine, or at least how mine would look if I were in North Korea –

Head on over to our Web site and create your own holiday scene.

*UPDATE* The team just showed me a very cool “Easter Egg” that they hid in the scene, and that Scott found. If you create a scene anywhere but North Korea while choosing the first icon in question 4 and click on the TV, you’ll….well, see for yourself!

It was a fantastic team effort to create a really engaging, compelling and original product. The whole project, from brainstorm to final form, brought together the best of iStudio – ultra-talented designers, superb technical developers and a great consulting team all working as one with a little bit of subversive humour baked in!

My colleagues Steve, DK, Dave Upward, Kris, Mike, Julie, Sabita and Brandy lead the charge and deserve all the plaudits. Hopefully someone will post it up on our corporate blog as well…

One final brag from the iStudio camp: it was announced that last year’s Holiday Card won an Award of Excellence from the IABC in the category of Electronic and Interactive Communication!

Congrats to the team from last year and also to my old colleagues at Strategic Objectives for winning the Media Relations category for the work they did on promoting the M&M National Family Dinner Night.

Of course, if you want iStudio to create a corporate holiday card for your organization, please get in touch!


5 Responses to Corporate Holiday Cards

  1. Paull Young says:

    Very cool Ed!

    Funny questionnaire, and an impressive end result. Kudos!

  2. Judy Gombita says:

    I received my card this a.m. and promptly personalized it. The end result wasn’t overly pretty, but it sure looks and sounds like a fun holiday party.

    Ed, I meant to send you a note of congratulations on 2007’s great edition (which did match the standard set last year–I still have that one on file), but instead I’ll just comment here.

    Happy holidays backatcha to the team at iStudio.


  3. Ed Lee says:

    Paull, Judy,
    I’ve passed your feedback onto all involved and we’re all thrilled you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

  4. Scott says:

    My thanks to whoever came up with the Merry Mortal Combat playing on the NES. I flashed back to Grade 7 when Scorpion was “the coolest”. Great way to kick off a Friday.

  5. Eden Spodek says:

    What fun. One thing though, the Easter egg didn’t work for me and the setting isn’t N. Korea (although I forget my selection).

    Happy Chanukah! and Happy Holidays to the rest of the team at iStudio.

    I believe you also need to choose the “Mario” icon (first icon) in question 4.
    Hope it helps!

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