Words to be used more often

In a call with the rest of the iStudio gang today, one of the team was “voluntold” for a small project.  I think that’s such a great word and will be nominating it for word of year, 2007.

We all get voluntold to do stuff but the mark of a good leader is where on the line you feel you are.

If you feel like you’re actually volunteering, you have a great manager, if you feel like you’ve been told, you have a manager.


3 Responses to Words to be used more often

  1. ‘Voluntold’ is an excellent word and definitely an early contender for word of the year 2007.

    You can find an entry for it and other linguistic leaps forward at http://www.urbandictionary.com.

    I like their Word of the Day feature…including ‘elationship‘ – which is what many of us bloggers are in.

  2. HRC says:

    Ed you should totally nominate it for buzz word of the day: http://www.buzzwhack.com/

  3. Ed,

    I’ve never had never heard of voluntold until your posting…nearly fell out of my chair laughing. I’m voluntold about 8 hours a day.



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