Toronto FC

I’m a huge football fan so when I heard Toronto was getting its own MLS franchise team I was delighted. When I heard they were doing open tryouts I thought my head would explode with dreams of finally making it as a professional athlete.

Not making it in any way as an amateur athlete was a big problem to overcome.

However, those dreams are now shattered as I found out that tryouts start on the day I leave for Calgary for the rest of the year (December 18) and all 1000 spots have been filled!

In all seriousness, I’ll be following the marketing activities of Toronto FC (that’s Football Club; not Soccer Club…) with great interest. Toronto has a thriving grass roots football community and I’m hoping TFC can bring the beautiful game into the mainstream consciousness.

I’m not saying it’ll overtake Ice Hockey as one of the national sports but given the right players and a favourable opening season, it’ll be interesting to see how Torontonians, and Canadians, react to the team.

From a website consultant point of view, it’s interesting to note that all MLS teams websites are hosted on the MLS website and don’t have standalone sites. To me, this represents a huge problem as a qualified Google search for “major league soccer” in Canada only, won’t turn up TFC

Given the MLS is trying to break a new market in Canada, it’d make sense, to me, if they gave the new franchise a seperate identity which in today’s day and age starts with a seperate Web site. A Web site that the iStudio team would be delighted to help out with!

Maybe I can get on the team after all…

Apropos of football, here’s a YouTube of Liverpool spanking Fulham 4-0 from Saturday.

If you’re reading this in a feedreader, click here to view. Worth sticking around for a great freekick from Mark Gonzalez.

5 Responses to Toronto FC

  1. Ed Lee says:

    keep it clean please Richard.

  2. I would vote for you – you won my contest 🙂

  3. Martin says:

    Great to see that there is another Toronto FC enthusiast out there. I am already a season ticket holder.

    Don’t know about their web strategy but they are doing a good job with season ticket holders. I get regular update emails on what’s going on; they notify me when the coach and a couple players go on a “pub crawl”; I get special offers….

    You are right, most of it is driven by MLS at the backend. So from a web marketing perspective there may be room for improvement. From a fan perspective, I am pretty happy so far.

    — Martin

  4. Ed Lee says:

    I’m was going to get a season ticket but as i just dropped a few thousand dollars on some rings, I may have to wait until next season.

    there is a two tuques and two tickets for 30 bucks deal right now which i think is more reasonable!

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