Crisis Communicators Needed

How would you deal with this crisis?

Your CEO gets drunk at an official reception, stumbles home through the streets, loses his Blackberry, his security card and his laptop.  He then climbs into an unlocked car and starts throwing childrens’ toys out of the window.

When confronted he says "I’m the CEO; it’s what I do!".  To compound things, he’s then pulled out of the car, gets into a fight, bangs his head, loses his specs, refuses medical treatment and staggers off.

The next day his staff reports the losses to the police as a mugging…

What would you do when the car’s owner and a host of other witnesses come forward and tell their version of what happened?

This is the crisis facing the Bishop of Southwark’s communication team.  Funny for us; not so good for them.

Photo credit – khoo_junjies

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2 Responses to Crisis Communicators Needed

  1. Holy carp. This sounds like a Monty Python sketch.
    So, Ed, what would YOU do if you were working for the good bishop?

  2. Ed Lee says:

    If I can smartly sidestep that question, if was working for any religious authority I’d be seriously questioning my career path…

    I think honesty is the only way forward – the bish goes on a talk show and is ready to make a bit of fun of himself. we all enjoy a few too many sherberts at one time or another and he would say he was nervous about meeting some high powered people and then embarassed about what happened.

    he regrets the incident but is happy that he prove one of christ’s teachings.

    i’m just not sure which one.

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