Technology is…peanut butter

In my new role at iStudio there are a “few” technical issues that I don’t fully understand. Thankfully the technical team is great at explaining things both to me, our clients and to you!

After we produced our first ever social media news release (or is it optimized?)  Tamera Kremer, over at 3i Wildfire Strategy, did some digging and determined that the web page we produced was not W3C compliant.

Sounds bad right? I don’t know enough to explain it in any detail but Neil Johnson and Dave Knight got together to chat about it and have come up with a very detailed explanation.

Apparently, as with most things to do with technology today, it has something to do with peanut butter…

I should also say that the iStudio tech team is tearing up the corporate blog and this post comes hot on the heels of a great post from Brian Garson explaining trackbacks (which I always thought worked by “magic”). If you’re interested in the more technical aspects of the new Internet, I can highly recommend you subscribe to the blog…

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3 Responses to Technology is…peanut butter

  1. Hi Ed, thanks for the reply and the shout out.. one little quibble, it’s spelled Kremer 😉

    I have to say though that I disagree with the analogy of technology as peanut butter and left a comment on Neil’s post as well as on my blog with a more detailed explanation.


  2. Ed Lee says:

    done and done – sorry about that!

    to anyonelse reading this – definitely check out Tamera’s post for some interesting discussion (hopefully a couple of our tech guys can jump in on Monday…)


  3. […] What was it I was trying to point out and get some kind of an answer to after waiting almost a week for a response from their tech team? […]

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