Marketing for small business

For anyone who runs her own small business (Ali, I’m talking to you!) this book looks as if it’ll be a must read. John Jantsch is one of my favourite marketing bloggers and absolutely my favourite small business marketing blogger who writes about adhesive tape.

If you pre-order the book now, you get some shiny free goodies as well. Over to John for this one!

I have joined forces with many of the biggest names in marketing such as Joe Vitale, Bob Serling, David Frey, Bryan and Jeffery Eisenberg, Bob Bly, Sean D’Souza, Dave Lakhani, Charley Cook, Catherine Seda and more to put together an incredible collection of bonus materials when you pre-order your copies of Duct Tape Marketing.

The book features a foreword by Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth and an afterword by Guy Kawasaki, author of the Art of the Start. In addition, you will find over $450 worth of coupons and discounts from Yahoo!Small Business, StockLayouts, iStockphoto, ACT! and LogoWorks inside the pages of Duct Tape Marketing.

How can you say no to that?!

Bonus post from John – what’s more important; marketing or sales?


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