No RSS? No Problem!

About six months ago I was introduced to the wonders of RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Ready for Some Stories) by my then boss, David Jones, who essentially shamed me into using Bloglines.

Back then I immediately enjoyed the flexibility and freedom that the excellent web-based feed reader provided. No more selecting the “open in tabs” option in my (Firefox) browser and manually visiting each website. No, now I was a sleek reading machine, my favourite blogs/news sources delivered straight to my permanently open reader.

Now I’m a slave to RSS. If a tiny black number (to indicate a new item) appears by one of my folders, I have to click it. If a website doesn’t produce a little orange icon in the address bar (a sign that it crunches out an RSS feed), then there’s little chance I’ll come back and a huge possibility that I’ll be very annoyed!

Unfortunately, for every great website using RSS there are a number which don’t.

Which brings me to the point of this post. If you’re as much of a slave to your feed reader as I am, you’ll be delighted to hear about, a free utility that attaches a feed to almost any website.

You do have to create a free account but once you’ve submitted your email, chosen a user name and devised a fiendishly cunning password, you’re away!

Here’s how I created a feed for the English Premier League page on the Independent newspaper’s website.

1. Insert the URL of the page, give it a tag and choose the language

2. Click on the first link with news value

3. Click on the last link with news value

4. Approve the feed, or if there are still some rogue URL’s in there you don’t want to read, click through to step 4 where you select/deselect the URL’s of interest to you

5. Bang! There’s your feed!

6. Copy it into your preferred feed reader

7. Subscribe to the feed and here’s how it looks!

Very easy, very free and very useful.

If you too want to subscribe to the Premiership news page from the Independent, just copy this URL into your reader.


(Cross-posted from the excellent iStudio “Ideas and Insights” blog)


4 Responses to No RSS? No Problem!

  1. Brian Makse says:

    Thanks, Ed! I’m using it for a range of sites now!

  2. Ed Lee says:

    no worries Brian – we’re here to please!

    when i first saw the link from your site I ignored it as a splog but now i see it’s slightly more than that! looks very interesting.


  3. Brian Makse says:

    Just curious, Ed, what made you think it was a splog?

  4. Ed Lee says:

    it was just the name i think, although the amount of spam i was getting also had something to do with it!

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