Quick recap on the best business plan ever

Never let it be said that I don’t follow up on my most hard hitting stories.  A few months back I broke the story that Nicky Hilton had raised some money to put towards a hotel network.  I was fairly disparaging about this, due in part to her business plan.

How wrong I was.

Super blogger Tyler Durden reports on the progress of this multi million dollar project.  The Brad Pitt look alike took some time out of his UN Peace Corp tour to quote Hotel Chatter’s interview with one of the architects on the project:

Sometimes she would send me something she ripped out of a magazine, and say ‘I like this’ …  We had a meeting in Miami by the pool of the Royal Palm with fashion designers who were going to design some suites. It was a very important meeting. We were all going over stuff and Nicky was just out there swimming in the pool with one of her friends that came down from New York. Every so often she would look over at us and wave.

Wow.  That sounds like hard work.

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One Response to Quick recap on the best business plan ever

  1. maggie fox says:

    Yikes – is that how the Hiltons built the chain? Poolside in Palm Beach?

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