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Out and about over the weekend, with my good friend Alison Currie, and I discovered a really cool website – one that acts as an aggregator for all the fantastic restaurants in Toronto: isn’t a great website per se but the fact that you can order pretty much any type of food, any time day or night is a real deal maker!

I’m already looking forward to ordering some BBQ ribs, Lasagne or Tempura Yam Maki rolls…yummy! has essentially done distribution deals with some great restaurants who can’t, or wont, deliver. That’s some serious leg work to get it up and running but once the infrastructure is there, the drivers are hired and the website designed, it’s all gravy. Pun intended.

I’m surprised more people haven’t heard of this great resource…

And what better to wash down your home delivered gourmet meal than a delivered alcoholic beverage from

Next Geek Dinner’s at my place!


8 Responses to RSS for food

  1. Martin says:

    I’ve used a few times. It is a great idea and it works well. Lots of good restaurants on their list and the food arrives on time. Just make sure to always tip the driver no matter what he says. One week we had a driver turn down a tip and then the following week we didn’t offer and this driver got mad at us. So we ate our food feeling cheap and guilty – yet angry because the driver was rude. But the food was excellent and the other drivers were nice…

  2. Michelle says:

    Hey Ed,

    Not a fan of…check this site out.

    It is mainly for uni kids. If you want some real foodie suggestions, go to:

    Serious foodies.

    anyway, haven’t checked out idialabottle – may need to do a review for blogto on this one. thanks :))


  3. Ed Lee says:

    Mish – duly noted! I’m still going to have to try it out (stubborn idiot i am!) and as Martin’s given it his teutonic seal of approval why shouldn’t I?

    Plus we both work in PR; I always feel cheap and dirty…

  4. Michelle says:

    true, true…it is just that the site is missing some really, really great resto’s…I find the ones listed done do Tdot any justice.

    Read my review – particularily about the Y&E area (where i live).

    let me know how it goes…going to vid my idialabottle…thx again for that!

  5. Maybe I should have added that I am a creature of habit, so I may not be the best reviewer for a service like this. I like ordering from the same restaurants and wasn’t going to use to try out every single restaurant in Toronto. In my area, shows 27 restaurants, which is plenty for me.

    And I didn’t rely on orderit for any reviews. I find there are plenty of other review sites around already. It was more that there were a number of restaurants on the site that we heard good things about from friends but never got around to going there for dinner. It made life easier but it is by no means complete.

    And, Michelle, I can understand that it is frustrating if they advertised 100 restaurants and only a few show up in your area. It makes it sound bigger than it actually is. I didn’t even know they advertised…

  6. Not a fan of Orderit, personally. I find the extra costs to be pretty steep. Unfortunately, it is the only way to order decent (and by decent I don’t mean all that good) Indian food in my area. They take forever to arrive (usually well over an hour).

    So while I like the idea, I get a little annoyed on spending over $50 for luke warm indian food that takes around 90 minutes to arrive.

  7. Ed Lee says:

    hey Douglas,
    Thanks for stopping by (long time read of both lisa and your blogs). $50 for luke warm indian delivered in 90mins or less? sounds like a bargain! food poisoning thrown in for free as well?!
    i have to say that we ordered some sushi from this weekend and it was excellent. the yam tempura maki was fantastic and the teryaki beef was also very good (and slightly hotter than luke warm).
    the service charge does seem a little steep but now the snow is falling it doesn’t seem too outrageous!

  8. Shawn says:

    Hey guys, came across this blog, thought I would leave a note. Theres actually another delivery company in town, SuperWaiter – Theyve actually been around for 15 years, much longer than Orderit etc, ive been using them for the past 5 years or so. Smaller firm, however much more custom tailored feel since we use it as the office as well. If any of you guys want to try it out, theyve given me a coupon code for their 15th anniversary, its SUPER10 and you can enter it when you order online for 10% off. I like the simple form too, no registering, no logging in, check it out! I definetly prefer to pay the service/delivery fee in th is type of weather!

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