Nose against the window?

Something I’ve been thinking about over the last few days is how boring posts like this one must be for people who weren’t there.

Self-serving, self-indulgent posts that do nothing apart from massage the attendees’ egos and their Technorati/Google rankings.

I can’t tell you how bored and frustrated I was when one of the episodes of my favourite podcasts, Across the Sound, consisted of nothing more than a scotch fueled chat between Joseph Jaffe and CC Chapman.

ATS and MTG have both had some really great content which is why it was so disappointingto hear some sort of podcasting circle jerk between two clever guys with something to say.  As a result I’m sad to say, I don’t look forward to either podcasts as much anymore.

And I’m worried the Canadian PR/Marketing blogging scene is going down that route as well.  Multiple posts from the Geek Dinner Toronto II must’ve bored you guys to tears, and the whole sexiest Toronto Marketing Blogger thing (a niche if ever I saw one) while fun for us must be dull as ditchwater to you.

I’ve heard rumblings that you guys are getting frustrated and I want to do something about it.

So, because this is Blogging Me Blogging YOU, not Blogging Me Blogging Me, I’d like to pitch you to write a guest post on this blog.  If you don’t have a blog but have something to say on PR, Social Media or Marketing, just email me and I’ll post it up giving you, or your company, the proper credit.

Honestly, it could be anything.  It could be a cool link you saw and want to say two or three lines on or it could be a massive 1500 word diatribe about how you don’t need to be an active blogger in order to get the space.  Whatever you like.

I can’t promise it’ll be read but at least you’ll have a chance to have your say and bring a new perspective.  All I ask is that you keep it clean and not overtly commercial.  Slagging off me, my company or our clients is a no-no as well!

Let’s see how this works out.


5 Responses to Nose against the window?

  1. Chris Clarke says:

    How do you call a Jaffe/Chapman collabo “some sort of podcasting circle jerk” and not get any responses after an entire day? This puzzles me.

    I hope you get some responses though…the last thing any of us need to write about is how cool we are having geek dinners (no matter how cool they are to us, who the hell cares beyond the dozen of us guys?) every so often.

  2. Mitch Joel says:

    Let me jump in here. Michael Seaton and I started Geek Dinners for one reason: to get together. They are fun, people are connecting and we’re taking conversions from online to the real world. I count you guys (Ed and Chris) as friends and I’d challenge you to tell me that you did not think the content we recorded and I played on Six Pixels of Separation was not fascinating. I thought it was.

    I also think that it is these types of postings that might inspire the lurkers or those who are unsure to step in and join. That’s why we open them up and talk about them.

    You see, it’s not all about conversation. It’s also about community and the only way to grow a community is when the leaders speak up, invite and engage.

    There’s room for the self-serving posts and I think an individuals’ Blog is their space to decide what is (and is not) part of the conversation.

    I’m a huge fan of Digital Darwinism. I’m watching my stats. If they dropped or were stagnant, you can be sure that I would alter course or shut the tap. If they’re growing by leaps and bounds (which, thankfully, they are), it must mean that people are engaged, coming back and telling others.

    Also, don’t diss Toronto’s sexiest male bloggers – especially when you’re so in the lead 😉

  3. Ed Lee says:

    Hey Mitch – this wasn’t meant to insult you (I certainly consider yourself and Michael as friends) or anyone else at the dinners, but to inspire people to get involved. I definitely enjoyed the podcast, and the whole conversation as a whole, but in retrospection I thought the amount of posts that didn’t any value (analysis or an extension of thinking) were enough to upset anyone who reads everyone at the dinner.

    All that being said, I’m sorry I can’t make on Tuesday and I’m already looking forward to the next one…should I be invited!


  4. Mitch Joel says:

    Was not insulted at all – just wanted to add my thoughts re: meeting in person and perhaps how Blogging about it would encourage more people to join in.

    You’re all always invited 🙂

  5. Ed Lee says:

    phew – disaster averted and we’re still friends!

    and anyone who’s reading and wants to do a guest post from this week’s geek dinner, just email me!

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