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My friend and colleague, Kyle Browness, has made a great blog on the challenges he faced while getting the CAA blog up and running.

Canada is the only country in the world to have two national languages, neither of which I can use particularly well, so making sure all your marketing assets are bilingual is a peculiarly Canadian concern.

Nonetheless his post, over at the iStudio group blog, is well worth a read for a reminder of some technical issues that can arise when designing and implementing any blog.

Getting over the garbled text (&*&^%,) that some text characters (such as the innocent “é”) can generate is of particular interest. No one likes reading anything that looks like spam.

Kate Trgovac also has some thoughts on the CAA blog here. As you can see, we were listening and improved the blog thanks to her comments.

Thanks to Dr Tony Hung over at DJI for use of his “blogging about blogging” badge.

*UPDATE* – Donna Papacosta over at Trafcom News also has some kind words to say.

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