Third Tuesday Toronto with Shel Holtz


I think the rather cack-handed photography says it all.

Shel Holtz held court last night with the Third Tuesday Toronto crew and talked about his favourite subjects – curling and podcasting.


Unfortunately I had to run out half way through in order to play football (it was the last game of the season, and yes, we won. 1-0) and was very rude to Julie for not introducing myself or taking some time to chat with her.

Julie, I’m so sorry I was so rude and next time I’ll be sure to get over myself and we can meet properly.

Here are some of my notes but I’m sure there will be other, more comprehensive postings going around. I think that Joe Thornley had the laptop open…

Scarey. Social media terminology is hopeless and scares the crap out of people who aren’t “in the club”. Shel was talking about ID3 tags and while I was cursing FIR‘s inability to chapterise their shows, other people were looking at him in sheer bewilderment. Just as business-management gobbledygook and marketing doublespeak alienate people, I think we are in danger of forming an elitist group that, unconsciously, pushes those who aren’t “in the know” away. This would be ridiculous considering anyone can get all the knowledge they need to start a blog or podcast after a weekend of reading.

Best Practices. Businesses should look to independent podcasters/social media adopters to get their best practices. Independents podcast to create a community; businesses podcast to make money. Independents lead the way.

Podmarketing. Don’t be overly commercial. Focus on the part of you customer’s life you want to make better and give them the tools to improve it. They’ll associate your brand with that part of their life, and for the improvement. Guess this goes for blogging as well.

Adoption. Lawyers and financial controllers are always looking to justify innovation with ROI. What is the ROI of blogging/podcasting? Internally and externally? What is the ROI of my pants? Pants keep you warm, create a (fashion) statement and cover your arse. Maybe that’s what social media does as well.

Sidebar – I’m guessing Shel meant these pants, not these pants.

New Game. With all the jargon and impenetrable lingo, is it about time we came up with social media bingo? Magnum and I were whispering at the back of the class like naughty school kids about this. Phrases to use could include:

  • Power of social media
  • Wisdom of the crowds
  • Join the conversation
  • Engagement
  • Democratization of the media
  • …any other suggestions in the comments!

Thanks to Shel for being such a mensch and providing an informative, lively and, most importantly, funny talk.


Terry Fallis and Shel Holtz.

Additional reading:

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4 Responses to Third Tuesday Toronto with Shel Holtz

  1. Quick question: was there any cyanide available at the event? I would think that at least a few there were inspired to contemplate suicide and to sit and watch them suffer would be inhuman. Mother of God can we get over the pontificating podcasters podcasting about podcasting! Please?!

    – Amanda Chapel

  2. Ed Lee says:


    A pleasure, as always, to have you visit this humble blog – I’m a big fan of yours. No cyanide but the lamb burger I had was pretty close.

    Somebody as well versed as you in the dark arts of social media must realise that although you have heard it all before, some people are still discovering these new tactics and tools to the PR’s armoury.

    Just wondering if you had had any offers for your blog and, if not, you had thought about taking advertisements? I hear that a certain newswire is looking to buy some space.


  3. A couple more for your Bingo board:

    * “Transparency”
    * “The first time I met [insert name here] face-to-face, it was like I already knew him.” (can all this fit into a single square?)

    I spent 8 glorious weeks in a call centre in the summer of 2003, working as a glorified telemarkter for a company that sells adult vacation tours.

    To make this otherwise tedious job a little more interesting, we created a Bingo game as well. Some of our squares included:

    * An outgoing answer-machine message that included the words “God bless;”
    * Someone curses at us;
    * Staying on the line with a customer for at least 30 minutes.

    Good times.

  4. Judy Gombita says:

    Ed, I’m absolutely crushed you left out my favourite SMJ:
    Abandon thoughts of “command and control” 😉
    Plus, surely you need something for the bingo grid with “citizen/participatory” (e.g., citizen/participatory journalism). Unless you thought that was covered off by “democratization of the media.”

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