Painting Toronto Red

No, this is not a political post about today’s elections; I just used a headline to get your attention.

This is a reminder that if you’re in Toronto and are interested in social media and communications, there’s only one place to be tomorrow night.

Shel Holtz, one half of For Immediate Release and a founding member of new marketing consultancy crayon, will be holding court from 6pm at the Pour House, 182 Dupont Street.

He’ll be there as part of the Third Tuesday Toronto meet up program that’s dedicated to bringing social media into the mainstream PR industry. I, along with my cohorts Joe Thornley, Terry Fallis, Dave Jones and Magnum, are looking forward to seeing YOU there!

If you read this blog and still want to chat, I’ll be the one in the tracksuit with a red team top on (I’m shooting off early to play football) who’s taking notes and pictures. JT and MOCC will no doubt be live blogging it just in case you can’t make it.

One Response to Painting Toronto Red

  1. Ack. Sadly it doesn’t look like I’ll be live-blogging anything at this rate. My blog is b0rked, alas – I haven’t been able to publish anything since last Tuesday. Grrrrrrr gnash grumble moan whine…
    After five+ years as a loyal Blogger user, I’m starting to think seriously about shifting to a new platform. This is killing me.
    If I can’t get the main blog up-and-running by tomorrow, I may be able to live-blog to Flackster, as that’s on Movable Type. Or I might just sit back and enjoy listening to Shel do his thang.

    i can highly recommend wordpress, as can mr jones.

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