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A month or so back, my podcasting client Mark Evans took some time to think about the roll of the blogroll. He put forward the view that in the age of RSS, OPML and widgets, the blogroll is dead.

I doubt the world needs another blog post about blogging but here’s my two cents as I add in a couple of new blogs to my own blogroll.

I have some 200 feeds in my bloglines account that I read, but then I distill this down to the 41 or so blogs on my blogroll that show the one’s I’m recommending and that I read fully (as opposed to just skimming the headlines).

For example, I read Armand’s blog on technology and PR but he’s not in the blogroll. I read, and look forward to Bob LeDrew’s Flacklife blog, but he’s not in there either. There are simply too many good blogs out there to include all of them – I just include the guys who I “grew up” reading and who I have some level of interaction with.

Since I started blogging, I’ve added in Richard, Alex, Todd, Jonny and Ben. Now I’m happy to be adding in my old account manager and now full-time mommy-blogger, Langley Albritton.

Langley’s retired (temporarily, I hope) from the PR game to be a great mum – first in Switzerland and now in Singapore, as her husband, a new minted MBA and corporate high flyer marches up the career ladder.

She was a great friend when we were at GolinHarris together and, as an American in London, gave me some great advice about how to transplant myself from London to Toronto. Now she’s a great writer and I strongly suggest you check her, and her ultra-cute baby, out. I wonder if they serve black pudding in Singapore?

Other blogs I’ve been enjoying recently include the Media Interview and fellow Brit in Toronto, Michael OCC.

About the title – Limp Bizkit may be a shallow impression of a rock group, but for a few months there, every playlist myself and my university housemates burned had at least one song from their Chocolate covered starfish album on it. Click here to watch the video from Rolling.


7 Responses to Blogrolling rolling rolling

  1. Blogrolls are not dead; at least I hope not. That is one way that I find new blogs to read — by looking who bloggers I currently read are reading.

  2. Armand says:

    You could link to your public blogroll on Bloglines? I do both on my blog… Never get around to updating the blogroll as much as I’d like to.

    Ta for the link!

  3. Ed Lee says:

    Hey Armand,

    if you check out the section “my social media” in the sidebar you’ll see….a link to my bloglines! i know at least one budding PR blogger has downloaded them all…

    If anyone’s reading, they should definitely check out Armand’s blog – i found it after he was recommended by Danny Bradbury as a PR who actually understood how technology works.


  4. mish says:

    Hey Ed,

    Yup, I am seriously lazy so deleted my blogroll a long time ago. I, like you have over 200 feeds and really do try to go through them all every other day. I really just post the articles/posts I recommend to my delicious, which is on my blog…and that is what I recommend to others to read.

  5. Ed Lee says:

    hey Mish,

    unfortunately i have to read each and every feed as soon as possible. i just can’t stand those little black numbers next to each feed…must be some sort of OCD…


  6. Lee, Ed:

    One thing I don’t like about the freebie blogs is that the sidebar isn’t included on any page except the front of the blog. So, when I link into a specfic post from Bloglines, I don’t see it.

    Maybe it’s time to pony up a few coins each month for your own hosted domain name? It will give you plenty of additional options for customizing the blog, including a sidebar that shows up everywhere on the site.

    If you’re running out of your own coins, you can just ask David Jones for some of his. He apparently rolls coins in his spare time.

  7. abhishek says:

    Try out blogLinx. It’s a better alternative to blogrolling that actually works, that does away with pinging and all that. It updates in the background and is self-explanatory. And what’s better – you can even import your links from blogrolling!

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