Digerati Dinner

As always, many thanks to Mitch Joel and Michael Seaton for arranging another “geek dinner”! Sparkling, insightful conversation was flowing and some of the stragglers stuck around to record a rambling homage to social media, marketing and all that’s in between.

I’m sure Mitch will be releasing the directors cut of us discussing including RSS adoption, the global marketplace and the ridiculously broken nature of Technorati.

Roll call included:

…and a few more who I didn’t get a chance to chat to.

Good times that, to use a cliche, put the social into social media (yuk).


4 Responses to Digerati Dinner

  1. It was nice bumping into you, Ed.

    Trivia: Google (the index) already knows about this page, and the links you just dropped. (I just got alerted of a new link to my site). This must mean your blog is highly respectable!

  2. Ed Lee says:

    ha! i haven’t been writing about viagra or XXX hotties as much as i should have recently!

    great to (almost) meet you too Andrew, hopefully next time we can have a long chat about more SEO goodness,


  3. Mitch Joel says:

    Awesome night Ed. It would not have been the same without your color commentary. Next time we have to make sure you, me, Seaton and Dr. Jones sit together.

    I should have the recorded conversation up on Six Pixels Of Separation at some point tomorrow.

  4. […] Mitch, Ed, Chris and Michael have all blogged it and there is the strong possibility that some of our beer- and steak-fueled ramblings will make it on to Mitch’s podcast.  […]

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