Boatmen beat Blue Bombers

On one hand, I’m a big fan of sports. On the other hand I’m a big fan of metaphors and analogies. Start clapping and you get the gist this blog post.

This afternoon I went to the Rogers Center to watch the CFL East semifinals. I was pretty hungover from Saturday night’s Stella eating contest and the game didn’t do too much to inspire me. The ‘Peggers got an early field goal but the Boatmen quickly hit back with three field goals, two of which went through and one of which missed, but closely enough to get a point (I was a little bemused at that bit. It’s very Canadian!).

The Argos went out into a decent lead at half time but then the momentum swung back to the Blue Bombers. They scored two quick touchdowns, cutting through the Toronto defense and establishing a commanding lead against a team who’s offence didn’t look as if it could score in a brothel.

But then something weird happened. The momentum that was so firmly behind Winnipeg suddenly swung to Toronto. The world’s all-time leading passer Damon Allen was shaken up by a big hit as he tried to scamper for a first down so backup QB Michael Bishop was thrust into a game.

Cue me saying “why the hell would you take out your number one quarterback when you’re trailing in a play off game?”

Cue Bishop connecting with Arland Bruce III, two Winnipeg defenders taking each other out as they tried to tackle him and cue Bruce running in unopposed for a 70 yard score. The Blue Bombers tried to rally but their star running back coughed up the ball to give Bishop a chance to give Toronto the lead.

He did so in emphatic fashion, first hitting Rickie Williams for a big gain and then R.Jay Soward in the end zone for a lead that they wouldn’t give up.

It ended up a great game but the whole momentum thing got me thinking.

We’ve all worked on campaigns that weren’t working out until something intangible happened. Until the campaign started to gain momentum. How did the Argos get the momentum back to win the game? How do you get the momentum needed to become a success?

Answers in the comments or a best selling book.

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2 Responses to Boatmen beat Blue Bombers

  1. Judy Gombita says:

    We had Pinball Clemons, long-time coach of the Argos, as a guest speaker at one of our annual conferences. I can attest that he makes for an incredibly down-to-earth and motivating guest speaker. Plus he was just an all-around warm, friendly and personable guy to everyone who approached him. I really think the Argos react to that authenticity and produce when needed. Check out this pre-gamearticle, “Coach a blank page”:
    Interesting that you used the word “intangibles,” because on Friday of this week our annual conference’s keynote speaker is Dr. Ken Standfield from Melbourne, Australia. Considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on the area of “intangible management,” he is going to address intangibles and their contribution to risk, cost effectiveness, productivity, quality and profitability. According to Dr. Standfield (yes, I’m quoting), “Today ‘efficiency’ is no longer the key issue. Instead, the emphasis is on extracting maximum value and effectiveness from an existing workforce, by working smarter at higher levels of commitment, service and engagement.”
    Ergo, I think that Pinball Clemons is well-versed in the effectiveness of intangibles.
    Could you also explain to me the difference between an analogy and metaphor?

  2. Nice to see Michael Bishop doing something. He was a backup quarterback for the New England Patriots for a few years. Got fans excited with a couple of preseason performances but always rode the pine once the real games got started.

    Bishop, Ricky Williams, etc. … a bunch of NFL castoffs you have up there, huh? 🙂

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