BMBY – the picture edition.

Here’s what my new Bauer-esque set up looks like (still messy!)



Here’s what Neil and I got up to on Wednesday night – recording with Amber Mac for Talking Tech, the podcast we produce for Mark Evans and Kevin Restivo.




Sometime yesterday I hit 10,000 visitors. Or page views. My free analytics from WordPress doesn’t tell me but thanks to everyone who’s taken their time to check out my humble blog!




Finally, over (Canadian) Thanksgiving I went boozing in Hunstville with my girlfriend’s cousins who just sent me this pretty amazing picture. Try to ignore the drunken idiots in the picture and appreciate the great view. *Wistfully remembers the hot balmy days of early October*



*Updated with normal size images*


One Response to BMBY – the picture edition.

  1. Messy??!! *smacks forehead* Call that mess? Blimey. Even things on the noticeboard are at right angles!

    Congrats on the 10,001 score though, good work!

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