One per cent

Not such a big number, only one unit out of every hundred.  But when there are more than 762 billion units, it adds up pretty quick. (Yes, I realise it was this sort of thinking that got the first generation of Web companies in trouble!)

A report released today by Statscan (via Michael Geist) shows the penetration of Internet shopping in Canada for 2005.  Out of $762 billion (all figures Canadian) spent on goods and services by Canadian consumers in 2005, $7.9 billion was spent online.

And of that $7.9 billion, 63 per cent ($4.9 billion) was spent with Canadian retailers.  Interac‘s launch of Interac Online, an online debit service and former client of mine at an old agency, should accelerate this as shopping online “in” Canada is no longer restricted to credit card holders.

No surprise that the young and groovy (well, under 45) buy more than their old and staid counterparts (er…over 45) with a nine percentage point differential but I was surprised by the percentage of women who buy online – just 38 per cent.  Men were also more likely to browse online.

Also surprising was the fact that just 16 per cent of Canadians bought consumer electronics online, but 42 per cent admitted to browsing online.  It seems there is no substitute for actually kicking the tires…so how can we, as internet marketers, make that possible online?

All in all, interesting reading for anyone involved in the Canadian e-commerce scene.


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