Cool new job

About six weeks ago I was asked, by Dave Jones and his boss and her boss, if I would be interested in joining FH‘s sister agency, an interactive internet communications shop, iStudio.

Considering my change of interests (traditional PR to social media) and my skill set (blogging for five months) they thought that I would be perfect for this position.  Honoured to be considered for this great position and a little scared that five months of blogging qualified me to consult on all things internet, I humbly accepted the offer.

The next week I was “seconded” to iStudio while my work permit was renegotiated and started to learn a completely new career.  I’ve previously designed precisely zero websites although I did draw up what I now know is a “wireframe” document and was involved in early stage consulting for this website before I left my last agency.

The week after that I was issued with my new iStudio laptop (did you miss my old tagline?), docking station and a new big screen monitor.  Result:  I now feel like Jack Bauer with two screens that I can drag things in between (I have email open on one screen while I work on the other).  Very cool.

Last week, I received my new work permit and now I’m a fully fledged iStudio team member!

It’s still early days right now and I’m definitely moving in baby steps.  So far I’ve done stuff like drawing up another wireframe, some basic analysis on an intranet audit and writing a draft social news release for a Marcom client – which was very interesting.

As part of the consulting team (we also have creative and technical teams) I’ve also been involved in discussions on editing Wikipedia, the social news release we’re hoping to issue soon (read all about it here!) and the cool holiday gift that iStudio puts on its website and won a heap of awards for.

I’ve also been doing some work helping out our investor relations group which ended up being featured on Veritas’ Touchdown and Fumbles this week.  I can’t, unfortunately say which one.  It was, suffice to say, a touchdown!

If you work in a big agency, your focus isn’t solely on growing your business unit’s revenues, its also about collaboration – bringing in additional members of the, in my case Omnicom, network and more immediately the other FH Canada groups.  As a result, I’m still working with the Marcom group and Dave in particular, on certain things and generally trying to remind people of the value of online communications and the true worth of social media.

Not much has changed.  I have a new email, but I also keep my old one.  My phone number, for those of you with my business card, remains the same and I haven’t had to move offices.  Which is a shame as there’s an empty one just opposite me with glorious, 15th storey views of Toronto…

I’m pumped to have this new opportunity and I’m sure you’ll be able to read some cool interactive thoughts on the iStudio blog, which I’ll certainly be contributing to as I learn this new business.  iStudio is a very cool agency with a fantastic group of people and a dynamic leader.  We also win awards for social media.  Expect more of that!

Sidebar – When I say I was “asked” I really meant that Dave wanted me out of his group and that this sort of subordination (second last paragraph) was the last straw.


10 Responses to Cool new job

  1. Bryan Person says:

    Five months in, and you’re already moving up. You don’t waste any time.

    Hey, well done, mate! Good to know you’ll be blogging even more. Congrats.

  2. nortel says:

    good luck on the new venture – it can only be a good thing to be involved in the heart of what’s happening on the web!

    cheers, mark (evans)

  3. Congratulations Ed!
    Getting this range of experience in an emerging areas like social media will give you a great perspective.

  4. Matt Roth says:

    Congrats Ed!
    See? Even incompitence doesn’t go unrewarded! Well done my friend.

    Pints on me. Cheers.

  5. Congratulations! You’re moving jobs and companies, and you don’t even have to move to a different desk. It’s all virtual these days… 🙂

    Sounds like a great opportunity!

    All the best,

  6. Tony says:

    Congratulations! It must be nice to feel like Jack Bauer … do you feel any more ruthless than usual? 🙂

    t @ dji

  7. DougH says:

    Congrats! This is a great time to be jumping into these sorts of ventures. Glad you are going for it.

  8. Judy Gombita says:

    Congrats on the new position (and renewed work permit), Ed. A few years ago I had the opportunity to work with a great team at iStudio (in my then-volunteer capacity)— —

    and it really was an invaluable learning experience, in terms of creating a value-added and intuitive product and service (a.k.a. website) for multiple publics, plus making effective use of beta testers at the front end to ensure quality control prior to its launch. May your employment experience with iStudio be equally gratifying.

  9. mylo says:

    Congrats my dear!

  10. Congrats On the Job.. Best wishes and best of luck

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