Tall Vultures

I was helping out another account team at a news conference today and when I was watching the company execs and their financiers I had a small epiphany.  Well, more of a mash-up of a couple of thoughts to be honest. 

  1. In Blink, Malcolm Gladwell says that tall people are paid more than short people and are promoted faster (more on that when I write my review) 
  2. I read a quote that says the definition of a consultant is a person who finds someone who knows less than they do and charges for the difference 

Combine these two (over-promoted tall people with vultures) and you understand why the consulting industry is thriving.  I’m not advocating breeding tall people with vultures.  That would be insane. 

There’s also the definition that a consultant is someone who borrows, your watch, tells you the time and then charge you for this privilege.  But we all know that timeshifting is the big thing in social media. Which may be why consulting in social media pays so badly!


One Response to Tall Vultures

  1. […] There are some pretty great bloggers here in the T-dot.  But with all of the interesting and exciting stuff happening in other parts of the world (west coast) one wonders what one is really missing.  […]

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