PRWeek launches (broken) feeds

*Update – looks as if the feeds are all fixed up.  You can now enjoy the non-html filled feeds from the comfort of your preferred feed reader.  Not Pluck though.*
It’s very thoughtful that PRWeek is making these mistakes so we don’t have to. I subscribed to the PRWeek feeds for The Editor’s blog, In Brief and The Cycle and they’re being crunched out (in Bloglines anyway) as a complete mess.

This latest posting from The Cycle looks like this:

E-mail down? You can still virtually work

By Celeste Altus on Media

<p>See what can happen when you take a break from email? The staff at Topaz Partners had a planned e-mail shutdown for some maintenance last Friday, so few folks decided to meet up in Second Life, said Topaz’ Susan Koutalakis. </p><p>Adam Zand of Topaz was chatting with some podcasters at Reuters virtual office, when he met reporter “Robert Holden” ( reporter Robert Holmes). He introduced “Holden” to client “Treocast Carson” aka, Russell Holliman, CEO and founder of a company called Podcast Ready. </p><p>Yesterday morning they did a 40-minute interview by chat function, which influenced an article “Holden” <a href=” 10316912&a”>published</a>. Topaz used IM to guide the client during the interview.</p><p> “The folks here found it pretty fun and our client, PodCast Ready, is thrilled!” Koutalakis said. <br /></p>

To paraphrase Mick Dundee, “Well, you can read it. But it looks like shit”. Not only that, but the link in the header is broken. So there’s no (easy) way to access a more reader friendly version of the article.

I don’t want to be an angry consumer for the sake of it so instead of railing against PRWeek I’m using this as a lesson for PRs experimenting with social media, blogging and all this other cool stuff:

The way your feed looks is as important (more?) as your site content.

Additional –

What’s a feed? – Wikipedia

Setting up a feed reader (Me)

How to read feeds II (Bryper)


5 Responses to PRWeek launches (broken) feeds

  1. They are crunched out in Bloglines AND Google Reader, Ed. The links to the actual posts are broken as well. Just look at the raw xml files —, for example — and you can see that the posts aren’t displaying correctly.

    Wonder how they’re building the XML files?

    Sounds like a potential client for you!

  2. You are correct re: our feeds. Unfortunately it was a miscommunication between our UK dept. and myself (and, also, I use Netvibes which displays the feeds correctly). This is something that will be sorted shortly. Also, re: the broken link, that will also be fixed. Everything should be fixed by end of week.

  3. Ed Lee says:

    Keith – thanks for stopping by, hope the problem gets sorted out and I can start enjoying the great content!

  4. DougH says:

    FWIW– I get broken links using Firefox bookmarks for my RSS reader. (“Page not found” and all that).

    As a beneficiary of the post cited above (my agency and client), was a little disappointed —

    Keith, thanks for joining in, and hope the feed gets fixed soon

  5. Adam Zand says:

    Sorry I can’t join this rant – I just love seeing my client, my employer, my coworker and most importantly ME in a blog post.
    Keith and Celeste, keep up the great work!

    Sorry, I’m sleep deprived today – way too much time in Second Life isn’t helping either

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