My weekend woes

Things I meant to do this weekend:

  • Get lenses put into my new glasses
  • Write a review of Blink (here’s an abridged version – loved it)
  • Write a posting regarding my new job in the FH family
  • Call parents, grandmother and friends in UK
  • Grocery shopping
  • Watch Liverpool hammer Man Utd (unfortunately they turned in a hopelessly inept display and were soundly beaten)
  • Edit comments from Jaffe et al into coherent blog posting (on hold until they actually comment!)
  • Pick up iPod from footy buddy

Here’s what I actually did:

  • Wear sweats, rugby shirt, hooded top (hood up), hat, neck warmer
  • Lie on sofa wrapped up in blanket and above watching sports
  • Drink litres of hot Ribena and honey, neo-citron and water
  • Eat packets of Ricola honey, lemon and Echinacea
  • Complain at every opportunity about David Jones infecting me and the rest of the office with his flu
  • Sleep

Thankfully I left work early on Friday and didn’t pass it on so there is a valuable lesson here.  Nobody needs a hero.  If you’re sick, bugger off and let everyone else get on with things.


5 Responses to My weekend woes

  1. Bryan Person says:

    Hmm … does this mean you’re taking a page out of the Juice Man’s own playbook? Holding a future post about crayon “hostage” until someone from the gang shows you some “love” and answers the questions you posed last week? Neville seemed to indicate someone would do as much this week.

    I think I have an excellent topic — and headline — for a blog post. Be on the lookout 🙂

    –Bryan Person

  2. David Jones says:

    I didn’t infect you…it was Sarah Coombs.

  3. […] In a post earlier tonight, Ed wrote that he’s withholding a post summarzing comments that a few bloggers, including me, offered following his questions to the front men of the recently announced new-marketing company crayon, until one of them steps forward and actually offers some answers. […]

  4. Ed Lee says:

    I’ll have to take Mr. Jones’ word on the rather nasty strain of influenza that was passed onto me but…

    Unfortunately I’m not holding anything hostage. I’m simply waiting for responses from the Crayola Collective. I was hoping to be able to capture their comments into a blog posting but as the only response was from Neville (and an email from Jaffe) I wouldn’t’ve been able to do that anyway. even if i hadn’t been at death’s door.


  5. Sounds to me like you’ve gone soft, Ed!

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