Music to make time go by (quicker)

Just wondering why mockney pop-music has taken off in the UK to such an extent? First there was The Streets (who I hate) then Hard-Fi (who I love) and now there’s Lilly Allen (hate) and Jamie T (love).

I can’t recommend Jamie T‘s “If you got the money” highly enough. My 11am – 2pm radio station of choice, XFM has been playing it every couple of hours and it’s fantastic.

A laid back reggae beat, funny lyrics and a soulful (but chavvy) voice all add up to a song I can’t get out my head!

If you’ve got the money
I think it would be funny-oh-oh-oh
to take your girl and spend a bit of your cash for me!

‘Cause then she might be ‘appy
No longer lonely-oh-oh-oh
and I could take her out the next day for pretty much free.

Watch the video here.


One Response to Music to make time go by (quicker)

  1. mylo says:

    drop the pressure!

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