Sweet Chilli Freeze now powered by Qumana

While I was jet-setting around Canada (well, just Ottawa really) and you were snuggling into an afternoon in the office, my colleagues at Fleishman-Hillard were braving the Toronto winter in the name of consumer engagement.

The extremely talented and wonderful Stella Mok, Natalie Little, Nicholas Schultz, Rohnini Mukherji and Vanessa Lewis were in Dundas Square handing out free samples of Doritos Sweet Chilli Heat. The new chips have a flavour on each side – bold, sweet and hot – so it was appropriate that these lovely ladies were asked to get involved!

Your fearless heroes were accompanied by not one but three custom wrapped TTC buses, one for each of the three flavours, and handed out literally thousands of packets of chips to Torontonians who braved the cold. The team got some great media coverage as well, including a live remote by The Edge 102.1 radio station.

As PRs, we often get caught up in our media facing role, but no media score would have created as deep and as powerful an engagement as this with the people who tried the product.

Coming up with ideas to sample effectively in mid October wasn’t easy so this was a great execution from the Frito-Lay team.

Incidentally, I heard that Nick was so unprepared for the baltic conditions, someone had to go and buy him some gloves from Sears! Now all I need to do is snag me one of those cool tuques.


Sidebar – After the last debacle, I’m giving Qumana a go as well. The photo is in the editor but will it make it to the blog post?  Apologies for the RSS fatigue…


2 Responses to Sweet Chilli Freeze now powered by Qumana

  1. Brian Makse says:

    Ed, did you at least fly Porter?

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