New announcements strategy

For the new breed of web savvy, digitally native (or least immigrant) executives is there a new format for big announcements?

It used to be the news release was written, key messages crafted, media training scheduled, the PR team would pitch the media and interview requests fulfilled. However the recent outbreak of web 2.0 announcements have been slightly different.

For instance – after the b5media announcement VCs and execs were patrolling the blogosphere in full force, commenting their little hearts out. They thanked the bloggers who were supportive and were pretty defensive with anyone who wasn’t on board. Speaking of blogging networks, if anyone could explain to me the benefit of a formalized blog network when we’re all “connected”, that’d be great. Cheers.

And when Pay Per Post announced they had raised $3m, their team was on the loose, doing pretty much the same thing.

Looking at my blog stats, I could see that I got a fair bit of traffic from people doing Technorati searches for either b5media or PPP so does this mean that our jobs have expanded?

If one of our clients has a big announcement, should we monitor the bloggers in real time, assess their posts according to a predefined matrix and then  forward the link and our recommendations (comment here; tag this; phone that) to the appropriate executives?

Of course this opens up a number of new questions such as – should executives without a blog engage bloggers? How much would a comment from a big exec do for the blogger’s engagement with the brand? Would a journalist splice a juicy comment from an executive to a blog into a mainstream media article – an evolution of the MarK Cuban situation?

Interesting. If I mention YouTube just got bought, will Larry or Sergey leave a comment? Would they comment on TechCrunch, the blog that broke the story?

Disclosure – the aforementioned search company is a competitor of Yahoo! a client of my employer which also has a video offering.

Edited for clarity


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